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Kalikapur Ivanshikha Foundation

We are willingly serving the community for no absolute personal gain. We foster teamwork and community development. We become mindful of the small things that can impact the society and benefit its people. Our efforts bring positive changes and make a difference in people’s’ lives.

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Team Members

Professional Stuffs and Friendly Caretakers are Ready 24x7 Hrs.

Biswajit Das

Secretary, Ivanshikha Foundation

Somenath Naskar, Recompute Technologgy

Somenath Naskar

Counsellor and Technical Associate

Dr. Ranjan Ghosh


Dr. Shyamal Chakraborty


Malabika Kalapahar

Clinical Psychologist

Nishu Joshi

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Janardan Mondal

Medical Doctor

Dr. S K Mitra

Medical Doctor

Limpee Kalita

Clinical Psychologist

Biswajit Mondal

Care Taker (Male ward & Office)

Hafiza Khatoon (Riya)

Care Taker (Female ward & Office)

Sabyasachi Naskar

Care Taker (Male ward & Office)

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H/O: 18/3, Kalikapur Purbapalli, Kolkata 99.

T/C: 9/1, Block-B, Nabadiganta, Kolkata 94.


033-79640999 / 9903894898

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